The Society Of Therapeutic Neuro Interventions (STNI)

Dedicated society for the field of neurointervention (Interventional Neuroradiology / Endovascular Neurosurgery / Interventional Neurology)

Objectives & Benefits Of Membership
  • To participate in the scientific meetings in field of neurointervention, stroke, neurovascular disorders
  • To organize training, qualification, continuing medical education and requalification in neurointervention
  • To establish protocols for neurovascular disorders and neurointervention
  • To initiate and stimulate research in neurovascular and neurointervention disorders
  • To fortify ethical references in the field of neurovascular and neurointervention disorders
  • To establish relationships between
    • Scientific members of different societies
    • Patients
    • Companies
    • Government and health structure
Rights And Privileges Of The Members

Entitlements – Full Member

  • To attend, take part and vote in all General Body Meetings of the Society.
  • To become a member of the Executive Committee.
  • To propose or second candidates for admission to the Society.
  • To a copy of each issue of the periodical and other publications of the Society either free or on payment of any prescribed charges during the continuance of the membership.
  • Reduced registration fees of the congress.

Entitlements – Associate / Honorary member

  • To attend to take part in all the meetings of the Society but without the right of voting.
  • To be co-opted on various committees and sub-committees by the Executive Committee.
  • To have a copy of each issue of the periodical and other publications of the Society either free or on payment of any charges that may be levied during the continuance of membership.
  • To be listed on official website of STNI
  • Reduced fees to attend official meeting of STNI

An Associate/Honorary member shall not be entitled for the following:

  • To exercise vote in any of the meetings of the Society.
  • To stand for election to the Executive Committee.
  • To become an Office Bearer of the Society.
Membership Categories
  1. Full Member: (Senior Member)
  • A life Member shall be radiologist/neurologist/neurosurgeon who spends at least more than half of his/her clinical and research time in the practice of neurointervention
  • The applicant must have performed more than 50 independent therapeutic neurointervention procedures
  1. Associate Member
  • Members with substantial interest in neurointervention but less than 50 independent cases
  • Neurointerventionist in training
  • Non- interventionists but interested in the field eg neurologists, neurosurgeons and radiologists
  • INR from outside India
  • Time or repeat payment
  • Associate members will be upgraded to Full Membership as they suffice the criteria for the same.
  1. Honorary Members
  • By a decision of the majority of the senior members, honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals who have made outstanding contributions to field of therapeutic neurointerventions. An honorary member shall have all privileges of full membership except that he or she shall not have a vote, shall not serve on committee, and shall not hold any office in this society. An honorary member is not required to pay dues.
Membership Charges : 10000 + 18% GST = 11800 INR

A Member is a person who is admitted into a particular category by Executive Committee and who has paid the subscription fee at the time of admission.

You can pay online for Membership Registration, please click on below button link

Refund Policy

For any Cancellation or refund related queries please contact [email protected]

50% refund within 15 days of Registration.

No refund after 15 days

All refunds will be initiated with in 15 days after receiving the cancellation request. Refund will be initiated / transferred by online only.


Account Number : 315602010589845

IFS Code : UBIN0531561

Branch : Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai – 400 050

Bank Name : Union Bank of India

Membership are required to pay by DD / Cheque payable in Mumbai in favour of
“Society of Therapeutic Neurointerventions”